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Anchor Liberty Platinum

Anchor Liberty Platinum

Anchor Liberty - Free Shipping

Anchor Liberty Platinum Anchor Liberty Platinum - Back RoHS Compliant

    All The Features You Need...

  • Six year warranty
  • True AC/DC, 110/220 Power Supply
  • Built-in MP3 and UHF Receiver Option
  • Two Universal Mic Inputs
  • Weather Resistant Speaker Cone
  • 1/4" Speaker Output
  • 1/4" Line Output
  • 1/4" Line Input
  • Two XLR Balanced Mic Inputs
  • 5V USB Charging Port
  • Weighs 40 Pounds
  • Handles crowds of 1,500 or more
     - 3000+ with Companion Speaker
Anchor Audio Liberty
Free Shipping & 6 Year Warranty!

The Anchor Audio Liberty is now the Liberty Platinum.  It's 10 pounds lighter, has an MP3 player option that is mounted at the bottom for easy access and has a USB Port for Charging MP3/iPod players. 
Put the new features to work right now!

Throw Away Your Old Sound System!
With a Six Year Warranty and free shipping we know you will be happy with your purchase from Ozarks Audio Visual.  Order today and discover why our customers keep coming back for more!

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Anchor Audio Liberty
The Liberty Platinum Sets up in under a minute and with
independent volume controls it's like having a built-in mixer!
Portable Sound at it's Best!

Anchor Liberty Platinum

Ideal For Large Group Settings Such As:
Large Conference Rooms, Auctions & Outdoor Presentations
A Loud Ease to Set Up and Reliable PA System

Anchor Audio LibertyThe Standard in Portable Sound

Reach crowds of 3000 with this easy to carry 15 pound Anchor Audio MegaVox Pro sound system.  The Anchor MegaVox Pro has a powerful amplifier and horn driver that combines for 126 db output for up to 6-10 hours on a charge.  Available with up to two built-in wireless microphone receivers so there's no need to worry about mic cables.  A speaker stand receptacle molded into the bottom allows for easy setup and tear down.  The speaker output powers the optional companion speaker.

True AC/DC Operation

The Anchor Liberty Platinum Sound System is perfect for sound projection in indoor or outdoor settings and playing music during school activities. The unit delivers 117dB of intelligible speech from one sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge. The Anchor Liberty Platinum is truly versatile with true AC/DC operation and a 110/220 power supply and can run for 6+ hours per charge!  The system is ideal for schools, hotels and places of worship or anywhere you need a system - indoors or out!

It's there when you need it

Need to use your Liberty Platinum for two events in the same day?  Here's what some of our customers do.   Charge the unit overnight so the battery has a full charge.  For the morning event simply plug the Liberty Platinum into a wall outlet and you are running off of the AC current.  In the afternoon or evening if you need to use the Liberty Platinum outdoors or where power isn't available you still have a full charge on the battery.  For more on the installed battery see Anchor Battery Info.Anchor Audio Liberty Soft Case

Handle a crowd of a Thousand!

The Liberty Platinum Sound System may have optional installation of one or two Anchor wireless UHF receivers and an MP3 player. Designed for crowds up to 1,000 people with its 117 dB of clear sound.  The liberty can handle a crowd of 1000 but not if they are spread out over a vast area such as a football field or larger.  The liberty is certainly powerful to handle many demanding situations.

Make it quieter...Add a second speaker!

While adding the second speaker can make your system louder, it can also give you the ability to turn it down!  By adding a second speaker you can have two speakers 50 to 100 feet apart feet apart and with this better coverage you can actually turn the sound down.  This way the people sitting next to the speakers don't have to experience how loud your Liberty Platinum can actually get!  A second speaker can always be added later or order the deluxe package now and get the stand and cable you need.

Easy On/Off Control • Clean UHF Reception • 300' Range
FCC Approved Frequencies • 16 User-Selectable Channels

UltraLite Mic

Collar mic

Lapel mic

Headband mic

Handheld mic
Click Here for a Wireless Mic Demonstration

MP3 Player Option

The Anchor Liberty Platinum has an MP3 player option that is now located at the bottom of the back panel.  This puts the MP3 player right at your fingertips even when the Liberty Platinum is put on the stand fully extended!
Anchor Audio Beacon with built-in CD player
Built-In MP3 Player!

The Next Generation Liberty Is Here!

A more streamlined manufacturing process brings a more durable, reliable and better sounding Anchor Liberty to the market. Here’s a few features:

    User Friendly Back Panel
  • All the dials, knobs and inputs have been laid out in an intelligible way, making the Anchor Liberty easy to navigate and control.
  • MP3 Player is now located at the bottom for easy access when Liberty Platinum is on a stand.

    Added Features
  • Built-in MP3 Player - Play all your WAV, WMV and MP3 files through the built-in SD card and USB memory stick slots.
  • Batteries level indicators let you know how much charge is left on the battery.
  • Universal Mic jacks (2) will accept 1/4" or XLR mic plugs
  • Liberty Platinum is now 10 pounds lighter!
  • Charge your iPod or favorite MP3 player via the USB charging port on the back panel.

SOFT-7500 Carry Case

Carry the Anchor Liberty Basic Package in one case!  The Anchor SOFT-7500 is a padded nylon case with wheels and an extendable handle. 

Admiral Lectern Option

The LK-LIB package features the Liberty Platinum with the Admiral Lectern sound system. The Liberty Platinum will comfortably fit in to the Admiral's cabinet space.  The Admiral is a sleek, stylish and sophisticated lectern that complements contemporary design in boardrooms and auditoriums. Connect the Admiral's included Gooseneck Mic to your PA system via the XLR jack, slip a Liberty Platinum sound system into the pedestal, and Admiral becomes a self-contained presentation center.

Find more on the Admiral on our Admiral Lectern Page.

Need Something a Bit Smaller?

Check out the Explorer Pro! It's a physically smaller body size and weighs 13 pounds less then the Anchor Libery.  If your crowd size is a bit smaller (800 to 1600) or you want something a little lighter to carry the Explorer Pro may be the system for you.

Great Customer Service

Anchor Liberty Platinum Deluxe PackageAt Ozarks Audio Visual we pride ourselves with great customer service and product knowledge.  We are a Platinum Anchor Audio dealer with years of experience working with, setting up and selling Anchor products.  When you place your order we will provide you with an invoice or necessary paperwork for your records.  When your order ships we'll send you a tracking number so you'll know when to expect your package.  Place your order online or give us a call and check out our fast, efficient, friendly service today!

Fast Shipping

The Anchor Audio Liberty units sold are brand new units shipped from our warehouse conveniently located in Missouri or directly from Anchor located in Carlsbad California.  Orders usually ship the same day or the next business day.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 800-960-4287 or e-mail us at sales@ozarksav.com

Specs & Manual

Here's Where to Order!
Liberty Basic Package
Wireless Liberty 1 SpeakerAnchor Liberty Basic Package - LBP-7500
  • LIB-7500MU1
  • SS-550 Stand
  • Wireless Mic
  • Free Shipping
  • $1,960.00 Free Shipping
    Add to cart for Discount Price
    Mic :
    Add NL-7500 Soft Cover $45
Liberty Deluxe Package
 Wireless Liberty 2-SpeakersAnchor Audio Liberty Deluxe Package
  • LIB-7500MU1
  • LIB-7501 Companion Speaker
  • 2 SS-550 Stands
  • SC-50NL Speaker Cable
  • Wireless Mic
  • Free Shipping

  • $2,432.00 Free Shipping
    Add to cart for Discount Price
    Mic :
    Add 2 NL-7500 Soft Cover $90
Basic Dual Package
2-Wireless Liberty 1-SpeakersAnchor Audio Liberty Basic Dual Package
  • LIB-7500MU2
  • SS-550 Stand
  • 2 Wireless Mics
  • Free Shipping

  • $2,440.00 Free Shipping
    Add to cart for Discount Price
1st mic :
2nd Mic :
Add Add NL-7500 Soft Cover $45
Deluxe Dual Package
2-Wireless Liberty 2-SpeakersAnchor Audio Liberty Deluxe Dual Package
  • LIB-7500MU2
  • LIB-7501 Companion Speaker
  • 2 SS-550 Stands
  • SC-50NL Speaker Cable
  • 2 Wireless Mic
  • Free Shipping

  • $2,912.00 Free Shipping
    Add to cart for Discount Price
    1st mic :
    2nd Mic:
    Add 2 NL-7500 Soft Cover $90

Ordering/Payment Options
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Input Panel
Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum Back Panel
Liberty Platinum Back Panel
Click Here for a larger picture
Soft Rolling Case for Anchor Liberty
    Includes: Anchor SOFT-EXP Soft Rolling Case
  • Must be used with Liberty Platinum
  • Holds Liberty Platinum, Stand and Mics
  • Pneumatic Wheels

  • $240.00 Free Shipping
Anchor Liberty Hard Case
    Includes: Anchor Liberty Hard Case
  • Must be used with Liberty Platinum
  • Holds Liberty Platinum,
  • Includes Wheels & Extension Handle

  • $400.00 Free Shipping
Weather Proof Slip Cover
  • Anchor Liberty Weather Proof CoverMust be used with Liberty Platinum
  • Side Pocket for Mic & Cable Storage
  • Waterproof Nylon Cover

  • $104.00 Free Shipping
Here's What People Like You are Saying...

I used the system yesterday and it worked perfectly.  I love it!!!!!  I sold a property for $2.86 million with it.
Nice way to break it in.

Stephen Karbelk, CAI, AARE
Co-Chairman and Founder

I purchased a Liberty sound system from Anchor Audio after my Chain of Command saw the Liberty being used by another squadron in Qatar in the Persian Gulf. It stood head and shoulders above the system we were using at the time. Jealousy, plain and simple, was the motive for the purchase. Simply put, we have to have the best. We use the Liberty in an airplane hangar for large crowds, and the people in the back of crowd can hear every word.
SK2 (AW) Stephen White
United States Navy

Whether it's for our indoor basketball games or taking it outside for our track and field events, the Liberty sound system works every time.
Brother Tim Ahern
West Philadelphia Catholic High School

The new Liberty Platinum is not only lighter and easier to place on the speaker stand. I don't need a ladder to see eye to eye with the controls. When playing music I hear better sound from the speakers, and I have better access to the controls.
Kenny Schwartz. Director of Business Development
Cam Electronics, Elmsford, New York